Dark Wood Cabinets are Back in 2023

It’s a new year, and in 2023 we’re reminded that sometimes the best inspiration comes from the past. Natural and organic pieces are in demand this year. As a result, it should come as no surprise that dark wood cabinetry is a prominent kitchen cabinet design trend for 2023.

Style tips for dark wood cabinets

Despite not being used widely in kitchen interiors since the 1970s, this trend is nostalgic and also a way to add organic-looking materials to the home. We have all the info you need about this trend and what it can do for your space.

Why is dark wood cabinetry returning to kitchen design?

Cabinets with whitewash and gray tones had their time. Consider 2013 and 2014, when modern farmhouse and minimalist interiors were at their height. These styles feature clean lines and white- or gray-washed tones. As the 2020s rolled around, homeowners began asking for more color!

These homeowners are looking for a way to bring something more natural and refreshing to their dark oak cabinetry. As 1970s decor enters the home with a modern twist, we’re excited to share that oak wood cabinets and wooden cabinetry with standout grains are making a comeback!

For dark wood cabinets, which stains look best?

A nice wood stain will refresh and revitalize your old cabinets. The best way to bring out the natural grain of wood cabinets is to stain them over unpainted ones.

Find options that bring out your cabinets’ natural hues when choosing stains. Verathane’s Special Walnut wood stain is a trendy color, for instance. Adding a touch of midcentury style to the space by using this wood stain reminiscent of 1970s styles. As an alternative, Minwax Aged Oak wood stain highlights the wood’s natural red and deep brown hues.

Dark wood cabinets: how to style them

You don’t have to be an expert to style dark wood cabinetry! Some people believe dark wood weighs down the look of the kitchen or gives it a moody appearance. Ultimately, it comes down to style. Even though natural wood hasn’t been in the kitchen in such abundance since the 1970s, your house doesn’t have to look like your grandma’s. You need to put a modern twist on this trendy aesthetic to make your home stand out.

Accentuate with light colors

Wood cabinets accented with light accents.

The dark wood cabinets do not feel too heavy when accented with light accents. Adding light quartz counters, a simple airy backsplash, light appliances, and light wood or tile floors will enhance the look of your kitchen. Adding marble, tile, quartz, and metallic wares to dark wood cabinetry will enhance its look.

When in doubt, choose a light wall color like soft cream. Maintain a light mood by pairing that with a white quartz countertop and silver appliances.

For a modern look, emphasize organic textures

Add organic textures to your room to make dark oak wood cabinets look elegant and contemporary. Tabletops, stools, and stoneware are all trendy ways to add stone to your home this year. You can also achieve a more organic look by mixing metallics in your fixtures, pots, and pans. The biophilic nature of the room is further enhanced by tweed rugs, rattan furniture, glass, and potted plants.

Choose cabinets with two tones

Two tone wooden cabinets can add texture.

Choosing two-toned cabinets is an alternative to all-wood cabinets. Kitchen designs in 2023 still feature different colors and textures for upper and lower cabinets.

White upper cabinets with wooden lower cabinets are a great combination. Make your upper cabinets stand out by painting them a fun color. Sage green and navy blue can enhance the natural look of a space. Alternatively, you can place oak cabinets on the upper shelves and add darker-painted cabinets underneath.

For homeowners who do not wish to go overboard with wood tones, open shelving can also be a great option. However, unless you have a large pantry, you shouldn’t get rid of all of your upper cabinets in favor of open shelves since they limit space.

The 70s style is back, and it’s coming into homes in more creative ways than ever. Now is the time for bold colors, bold patterns, natural materials, and wood cabinets! The sleek minimalist styles of the 2010s had their time in the spotlight. Dark oak cabinets can enhance the homey feel of a space when done properly. By blending plenty of organic materials, you can keep the space looking fresh and modern. Come in to Timeless Kitchen Outlet today to see our selection of dark wood cabinets in many differet door styles.

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