Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2023

Color trends for interior design have shifted over the past few years toward embracing nature’s vibrant colors, and kitchen cabinet color trends for 2023 reflect that same trend. As we head into the new year, the most popular color trends blend admiration of the outdoors with versatility to work with a variety of colors and themes. In addition to invoking the outdoors, these hues also pair well with neutrals and other colors, making them great kitchen choices.

It can be difficult to figure out how to start fresh with the new year, but it’s always a great time to do so. With a look at the kitchen cabinet color trends for this coming year, you’ll get an idea of how you can bring new life to your kitchen. Gain some inspiration on how to work these colors into your home by exploring the 2023 kitchen cabinet trends.

Colors for your cabinetry in 2023

You can greatly influence the appearance of your kitchen and your entire home by choosing the right kitchen cabinets. It helps to have an idea of where to start when choosing a cabinet door color, whether you plan on ordering painted cabinet doors or ordering paint-grade cabinet doors for a DIY project. Color trends for kitchens in 2023 include:

  1. Earthy Tones

Over the past few years, earthy, natural colors have become more and more popular. In addition to sandy beige colors, charcoal grays, silvery gray greens and light colors with green undertones are excellent examples of earth tones. Not only do these colors evoke a sense of being outdoors, but they also blend well with other elements in your home. As well as looking great in farmhouse-style kitchens, they also go well with most contemporary kitchens. Neutral colors are a favorite among designers and homeowners alike. 

Kitchen cabinet color trends for 2023

Changing your cabinet doors to these versatile colors helps to transform the energy of your entire home since they’re such a powerful element in your space. For a completely different emotional impact, choose lighter or darker hues, depending on your preference. Lighter hues of these natural colors will give you a vibrant, energizing feel, while darker hues will give you a warmer, calming feel. It is easy to mix and match these neutral colors.

  1. White that is clean and neutral

There is no doubt that white is one of the most timeless kitchen cabinet colors. It’s no secret that the all-white kitchen trend has been going strong for several years, but it also seems to hold up well over time. A kitchen that is painted white feels airy and light because white is such a bright, clean hue.

White is always a great option for kitchen cabinet color.

In addition, white pairs well with any other color you choose to use in your kitchen. This allows you to use any color scheme you want on white kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, white kitchen cabinets are easy to paint over if you want to update them down the road.

  1. Classic and Elegant Black

In terms of trending kitchen cabinet colors, black is a great choice for a more minimalist and modern look. In addition to adding depth and weight to the space, black cabinets can make mismatched cabinets look intentional and cohesive. As well as grounding exuberant tones, black can add seriousness to brighter colors.

Black is a simple kitchen cabinet color.

To create a timeless kitchen color scheme, combine black and white. The popularity of two-toned cabinets is growing because of their ability to transform the look of a kitchen. It can be really interesting to have black cabinet doors in one area of the kitchen and white cabinets in another. Keep the room feeling open by painting the bottom cabinets black and the top cabinets white, or paint different sections in each shade to suit the layout.

  1. Blue depths

Why not bring the whole ocean into your home? There is plenty to love about bringing the outdoors into your home. Dark blue tones are loved by designers because they bring a sense of mystery and comfort, making you feel as though you are swimming amongst the waves. The hues of dark blue on your cabinets accomplish two things: they’re warm, welcoming, and extremely eye-catching. It is rare to find a color that can do both at once.

Classic and stylish blue cabinets.

In a kitchen, deep blue tones are also great for balancing other elements. Blue cabinet doors and gold cabinet hardware, for instance, create an elegant atmosphere. In addition to neutral earthy colors to blend with blue tones, you can go for an extravagance with vibrant, eye-catching complementary colors like orange or red.

  1. Natural Wood

Freshening your cabinet doors and highlighting the natural wood is the best way to bring the outdoors inside. You can create a perfect balance between minimalism and complexity in your home by using natural wood. The natural grain patterns of wood are eye-catching and intricate, which makes it a great addition to your home.

Modern wood cabinets.

Natural wood is also extremely versatile. With wood cabinet doors, you can pair plenty of colors and decorative elements as well as finish the wood however you like. To highlight the wood’s natural grain pattern, you can use a clear finish, or you can stain it to darken it. You can also choose a simple or more complex grain pattern depending on the wood species you select.

Discover 2023’s Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Bringing a sense of calm and comfort to your home is the focus of the kitchen cabinet color trends of 2023. Give your kitchen space a fresh new look with freshly painted custom-made cabinet doors. Choose from a wide selection of colors and finishes when you update your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with Timeless Kitchen Outlet.

Discover our full inventory of kitchen cabinets or learn more about trending kitchen colors by contacting us today.

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