Stock Cabinets or Semi-Custom Cabinets?

The importance of understanding the differences between cabinet types as you shop for new kitchen or bath cabinets cannot be overstated. A variety of factors will determine which is the best option for your home, including your budget, finish options, style, and lead time. Choosing between Stock and Semi-Custom cabinets can be a daunting task, so we’ve made it easy for you to understand how they differ.

Getting a better understanding of stock and semi-custom cabinets is the best place to start. This article discusses terms used in cabinetry production, not cabinetry quality. As you read this article, keep this in mind. A high quality finish and materials are used in the construction of each cabinet sold by Timeless Kitchen Outlet. You can find more information in our Product FAQs.

Stock cabinets that are more cost effective and faster to obtain are a great choice for many.

Stock cabinets: what are they?

To make ordering easier, we offer a large selection of readymade and mass produced kitchen and bath cabinets. In most cases, they are available in predetermined sizes in increments of three inches. Almost all of the items are stocked, which means that when you order them, they are picked, packed, and shipped out within a few days. There are typically enough skus in our stock cabinet lines to accommodate 95% of design situations when viewing door style and finish options on our website.

Standard Widths:

9” wide – 42” wide base cabinets in increments of 3”

9” wide – 36” wide wall cabinets in increments of 3”

Standard Depth:

24” deep base cabinets

12” deep wall cabinets

Semi custom cabinetry are available to those who want many more options without a much higher price tag.

Semi-custom cabinets: what are they?

There are more sizes, finishes, and SKUs available in semi-custom kitchen and bath cabinets. In contrast to stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets provide a higher degree of customization because they are not fully customizable. As a result, they can accommodate most/all design ideas while reducing the need for fillers and on-site fabrication. For semi-custom cabinets, the lead time increases to roughly 5-7 weeks due to these additional capabilities.

Standard Widths:

9” wide – 48” wide base cabinets in increments of 3”

9” wide – 42” wide wall cabinets in increments of 3”

Standard Depth:

12” deep wall cabinets with customization of 6” deep – 24” deep in increments of 1”.

24” deep base cabinets with customization of 12” deep – 23” deep in increments of 1”.

Your personal preference and budget will determine the type of cabinet you choose for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. We’d love to hear what your favorite cabinet type is! Our goal is to understand your needs and meet them as our business grows.

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