10 Easy Tricks for Small Kitchen Design

One of the questions we get most often from our clients in Orlando, is how to maximize available space and if it is possible to make a small kitchen sing with style. The great news is that over the years we have picked up many tips and tricks for making a small kitchen functional without sacrificing beauty. Here are 10 creative small kitchen design ideas that will help you live large in the smallest of spaces.

10 Essential tips for small kitchen design:

  1. Eliminate clutter

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by clutter when your kitchen is as big as a closet. A small kitchen can seem even smaller with crowded counters, shelves, and cabinets.

Remove seldom-used appliances, cooking utensils, and gadgets from countertops to minimize visual distractions. All the rest can be edited, arranged, and buried.

  1. Open Up

There’s something claustrophobic and dark about small galley kitchens. After you’ve cleared out the clutter, you can make a small kitchen feel more open and spacious by switching to open shelving, taking away the visual heft of a wall of cabinets.

Opening up as a solution to small kitchen design is a great idea.

  1. Integrated storage

Keeping clutter at bay in a small kitchen requires a place for everything. Even the smallest kitchen can be organized and functional with pull-out shelves and an appliance garage. Spices can be organized in the pull-out pantry, while knives and silverware can be placed in the hidden slide draws.

  1. Get a little lighter

It is common for small kitchens to feel dark and cramped. You can make a room seem larger by using lighting.

A small, dark kitchen can be brightened up with recessed and task lighting. It is possible to make a small kitchen appear larger by adding under cabinet lighting.

  1. Glass is the way to go

A tiny kitchen can feel more organized and spacious by replacing solid cabinet doors with glass fronts.

  1. Don’t waste any space

It’s important to maximize every square inch of your kitchen when space is limited.

Think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions. Small kitchen doorways can be framed with open shelving. It is possible to wrap a drawer around a sink. It is possible to make use of awkward spaces with corner pullout drawers and shelves. You can hide a dish drying rack above the kitchen sink in a cupboard.

Light and bright is the way to go with small kitchen design.

  1. Simple is best

When you have a small space, keep it simple. A tiny kitchen can appear larger when cabinets, countertops, and walls all have the same color.

A space will feel bigger when it is painted white or with light colors.

Colors with deep tones, such as dark woods, charcoal, and black, recede visually and make walls appear farther back.

Minimal hardware and clean, tailored lines unify a space and improve the feel of a small kitchen.

  1. Let’s shine

Surfaces reflecting light, such as high gloss white cabinets, marble, and stainless steel, make a small kitchen appear larger.

  1. Make use of open shelving

Kitchens with open storage look more spacious and airy. Take a step back and remove some cabinet doors – you will immediately notice that there is a sense of space.

Open shelving can be a great design trick in a small kitchen.

If your cupboards are currently full, you won’t be able to use this trick. Having cluttered shelves will make the room feel even smaller!

The copper shelving looks stunning and is very on-trend – if you are neat and tidy, this would be the perfect addition to maximize your space.

  1. Integrate your appliances

In most cases, integrated appliances have the same door front as the rest of your kitchen. Your fridge might be hidden in several cupboards, but your kitchen will appear larger than a muddle of different designs if it is visually appealing.

Integrated appliances can be a great choice for small kitchen design.

Outfitting a small kitchen can be so challenging that many people think there are no options available and they choose to live with horrible design. Come see our design experts at Timeless Kitchen OutletĀ  in Orlando for innovative solutions that can help maximize your space and fit with your style.


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