How a Pantry Cabinet can Fix Your Kitchen

Is there bread in your pantry? Most likely not. However, the name for the pantry cabinet implies that you do. The word pantry comes from the Old French panaterie, which is derived from the French word pain, which means bread. During medieval times, meat was stored in a larder. An alcoholic beverage in the buttery. A pantry full of bread.

In today’s world, a pantry can be a designated cupboard or a large walk-in closet. However, it’s generally used for dry goods – cans, boxes, and bottles of staples and supplementary ingredients for meal prep and cooking.

The Hidden Pantry Cabinet

In today’s kitchen design, hidden pantry cabinets are the new game changer. This concept optimizes storage flow and utilizes spaces that might otherwise go unused.

Your storage capacity can be dramatically increased and your organization can improve with a skinny, vertical slide-out pantry. The result is less stress, happier cooking, and better meals. 

A well organized pantry can make meal prep easier.

The Walk-in Pantry

In some kitchen remodel concepts, the pantry is hidden by a couple of faux cabinet doors, revealing a passageway leading to a full walk-in closet like the wardrobe that served as a magical portal between Earth and Narnia. Isn’t that great? If you have the room, it could be pretty cool.

Are there any blank walls in your kitchen that are unused? Make the most of your kitchen’s space while maintaining its original look and feel. You can store all your essentials right at your fingertips, even if your pantry cabinet is just 10 inches deep.

Chefs have different approaches to the appearance of their kitchens when all the cookware and tools are tucked away. It’s important to know where all the ingredients are when it’s time to cook. Wouldn’t it be better if you spent more time creating meals than looking for your kitchen gadgets or some obscure ingredient you know you have?

Choose the best pantry cabinet to keep your kitchen well organized.

We’ll end with another bit of French lingo, which you’ll hear in all the good cooking schools: Mise en place. The term literally means ‘putting in place’ or ‘gathering.’ Prior to cooking, the spices and vegetables are organized and arranged.

More than anything else, mise en place is a state of mind.

Cooking should be enjoyable in your kitchen. With the right type of organization provided by a good size pantry cabinet, you won’t have to run around looking for items and can stay focused on the process and required techniques.

Even more so if you don’t enjoy meal preparation! It is important that the flow of storage in your kitchen makes it easy and engaging to do what you need to do. If you want to make your kitchen more organized, you might want to consider installing a new pantry or pantry cabinet.

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