5 Tips for the Best kitchen Remodel

In remodeling a kitchen, there are many factors to consider, but ultimately what matters most is to have high-quality products that maximize functionality and last. The main goal of remodeling your kitchen should always be at the forefront of your mind, especially when discussing your budget. Many homeowners who have been through kitchen remodels would opt for a do-over if given the chance. Researchers at the Research Institute of Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) found that 47% of homeowners who made kitchen improvements would have spent more if they could. To avoid those same kitchen remodel regrets, here are 5 things to consider. 

First tip:


There is no one better to know what you want out of your kitchen than you, but you can fine-tune your vision with a professional’s help. Designers have years of experience and training on their side, which allows them to offer advice that helps you avoid buying low quality products and materials or choosing a design that’s not right for you. Due to their experience, they are aware of the most common mistakes in kitchen remodels and can help you avoid them.

Working with a design professional can also make your kitchen feel larger without adding a room by reconfiguring the walls, ceiling, or even windows. A professional designer can help you achieve all the tips on this list more easily.  Are you looking for a designer? At Timeless Kitchen Outlet we have some great recommendations for designers in the Orlando area to help you achieve your goals. 

Planning a great kitchen remodel leads to the best results.

Second tip:


 Kitchens should look beautiful, but what matters most is what is inside. Take a moment to consider how you use your kitchen currently. Which items are essential to your life? Is there anything that bothers you? Think about where you’ll store your pots, pans, plates, spices, cutting boards, gadgets, and serving platters. Make sure the garbage can and appliances are not left out. 

What exactly is a “work triangle”?  For a smooth flow, your kitchen’s busiest areas, such as the sink, oven, and refrigerator, should be close to one another. To increase accessibility and convenience, use as many pull out drawers in your lower cabinets as possible. Last but not least, ensure your “work triangle” is set up correctly.  

The third tip is:


While minimalism sounds great in theory, where do you plan on storing all those dishes? The popularity of open shelving in kitchens continues to grow, but it tops our list of kitchen trends you should avoid. Open shelving offers much less storage space than standard cabinetry. Another reason standard cabinets are a better option is that open shelves often require more cleaning because dust accumulates due to lack of use. However, open shelving may still be a good option for some, but your design professional should be consulted about this. 

A good general rule of thumb is to avoid giving up cabinet space during a renovation unless you are certain you have enough. Kitchen cabinetry was the top item that 47% of homeowners wanted to spend more on when remodeling their kitchens, making it a very important factor to consider.

The fourth tip:


Kitchen renovations can be expensive, requiring budget cuts sometimes. Choosing lower quality appliances is not a good way to save money. Today’s appliances include everything from cameras in the oven for watching your cookies bake to touch-screen refrigerators and dishwashers.

It may not be necessary to have the latest technological advancements, but you should definitely prioritize energy-efficient appliances. To stay within budget, you might have to pass on that elaborate light fixture you love. However, having highly used appliances that are energy-efficient and durable is more important than having a ceiling art piece. 

Consider hiring a designer to get the best kitchen remodel.

Tip #5:


When remodeling your kitchen, the budget is one of the most important factors to consider because it guides all other decisions. The designer will want to know the budget before starting your project, so you should put some time into figuring it out. Almost half of those who remodel their kitchens wish they’d spent more, so be flexible when you’re planning.

Investing in a kitchen is a lifetime investment, so you don’t want to sacrifice quality or functionality. Take a look at what you can potentially drop that won’t affect these items if you need to make cuts. Keep your kitchen remodel’s true goal in mind, whether you want more storage, a brighter space, or updated cabinetry, and make decisions accordingly.

A great way to save money on a kitchen remodeling project is to keep the kitchen’s current layout. Plumbing, gas, electric, and heating systems can be left intact to save money. 

Even though a kitchen remodel is exciting, it is not without its challenges. Hopefully these tips will reduce the stress of your kitchen remodel here at TKO. Visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

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