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Cabinet doors are a big decision. The design you choose for your cabinets will have a significant impact on the overall design of your kitchen, since they’re a key visual element. A bright and fun kitchen, a sophisticated and refined one, or a minimalistic and classic one can all be set by the cabinet doors you have chosen.

As a result, the number of options available can seem overwhelming. Here’s a handy guide on popular cabinet door styles, along with what criteria you should be looking for when choosing a cabinet door to help you achieve the look and feel you want. Find out which cabinet door style is most appropriate for your kitchen style and budget by reading this cabinet door styles guide.


Cabinet doors can be evaluated in a variety of ways. There is no right or wrong method; everyone has their own. There are many choices for cabinet doors, but if you’re overwhelmed by them, knowing some of the standard criteria can be helpful.

When making this decision, people often consider the following criteria:


There is a theme, a style, and a feeling that runs throughout your entire house. Furniture, carpets, and light fixtures all contribute to this feeling in every room. A consistent theme will likely run throughout your house, whether it’s in the bedroom, hallway, living room, or dining room. The same applies to the kitchen.

Think about your home’s overall style when choosing your cabinet doors. You should first determine what your current home’s style is and how you would like it to look. Do you have an elegant and classic home? Does it have a modern, minimalistic appearance? Is bold, bright, and fun what you’re looking for? Your kitchen cabinet doors should reflect whatever style your house has.

When considering the overall style of your home, you should also consider the layout of your kitchen. Do you have an L-shaped room? Is it u-shaped? Consider the style of doors that would best compliment your current layout, and let this guide your choice.


Functionality is another important factor to consider when choosing kitchen cabinet door styles.

Consider how you normally use or wish to use your cabinets. Have you ever had to store dishes, plates, drinkware, and utensils after entertaining guests? If you prepare a lot of home cooked meals, do you need additional counter space and space for all your spices? Do you have babies or young children who are likely to dirty the cabinets or easily open them?

Your functionality requirements will be influenced by these factors.


Cabinet doors are available in a wide range of styles and prices. It’s possible to find something within everyone’s budget – some are less expensive, others are more expensive.

We recommend browsing the cabinet door options available to you as a starting point, so you can get a sense of typical price ranges. Next, determine your budget and how much you are willing to spend. You can quickly eliminate many options that fall on either end of your price range if you compare this decision to the prices of cabinet doors.

Timeless Kitchen Outlet in Orlando offers a wide selection of cabinet doors at a variety of prices. Our associates and in-house designers can help you decide which options work best for you and your wallet, and move forward from there.


A cabinet’s structural bones can be built in two different ways regardless of its aesthetic design.

First, there is full-access cabinetry. An elegant frameless construction with slightly more storage allows for a more European style. The second option, which has proven to be more popular, is framed cabinets. Most commonly found in the United States, this style features framed cabinets built in a variety of sub-styles. 

Besides dovetail drawers, smooth-close hinges are other construction considerations. Even at the bare construction level, cabinets come in a wide variety of types. Choose cabinet doors that suit your construction type when shopping for them.


It is important to consider aesthetics when choosing. Make a list of your favorite finishes and styles, and decide which ones will look best in your kitchen. You should be able to narrow down your choices considerably based on this criteria alone.

Standard-overlay and full-overlay cabinet doors are the two primary types. In order to understand their differences, let’s examine the following:


Many find that the full overlay cabinet style is the best kitchen cabinets for their home.

Full Overlay Cabinet Style

Full-overlay drawers and doors cover almost the entire cabinet box, leaving only a 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch gap between cabinet units. Having small gaps between each door unit creates a seamless appearance. Cabinets in transitional or contemporary styles benefit from the smooth profile of these doors.

With full-overlay cabinets, you can access the box of the cabinet completely, allowing you to store more items. Drawer and door alignment is a challenge for cabinetmakers in corners, where drawers and doors tend to hit each other. Full-overlay cabinets tend to be more expensive than standard overlay cabinets because of the precision and knowledge required to make and install them.


Many people find the best kitchen cabinets are partial overlay.

Partial Overaly Cabinet Style

Partial-overlay cabinets, also known as partial-coverage, was the norm for decades. The doors only partially cover the cabinet face, leaving large gaps between units of one to two inches.

There are lots of decorative embellishments and sub-styles to choose from, so choosing either a full overlay or a standard overlay will not compromise on aesthetics. Mortise-and-tenon, mitered, and slab-style doors are all available with both overlays. Thus, you can choose whichever overlay style you prefer, without sacrificing aesthetics.


In addition to overlays, your cabinet doors can be styled in numerous other ways.

There are two styles of drawer fronts, for example. There are two types of drawer fronts: one-piece slab drawer fronts and five-piece decorative drawer fronts. In addition to customizing your cabinets, you can also express yourself with your drawers.

Finishes and stains are also important design elements. Our recommendation is to choose cabinets and drawers according to a variety of factors, including price, taste, and overall compliance with the style of your kitchen. Paint, SmartShield, and glazed finishes are some of our most popular cabinet styles and finishes.

  1. COLOR

The color palette plays a significant role in how the finished project will look regardless of the type of kitchen cabinet doors you choose.

It is possible to create contemporary and farmhouse looks using lighter color palettes using cream or white. You can achieve anything from a modern to a mid-century style by adding pops of color or using an earthy color palette.

In addition to traditional cabinet painting, you can opt for a two-tone design – in which the top and bottom are painted or stained in two different colors.


Consider what type of knobs and handles you’ll be using. Cabinet hardware is a small design element that can make a big impact. Changing out these small pieces of hardware can make a huge difference in the style of your cabinet doors.

You can create a variety of looks even with simple wood-stained or painted cabinets. For a more modern look, add some sleek stainless steel handles, or install iron pulls for a transitional look. There are endless possibilities.

Come in to our Orlando showroom today to see all the options available to make your kitchen perfect for you, your family and your home.


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